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We live in uncertain and unprecedented times. It is exactly in such times that our plans need to be carefully thought out and at the same time accommodating to unpredictability. As we begin the mid-year, here are 5 tips that will help you stay true to your plans and achieve your desired annual goals, plans & objectives.



        1. Celebrate each of your wins

2021 has been tough and you pretty much need a pat on the back just to have survived it. Yes, it’s easy to think of all your procrastination. But don’t let that push you down. Instead, look back and reflect on all those actions that you either planned to do and pulled it off or achieved them in the face of relentless turbulence. Track your victories no matter if they are big or small and make sure to celebrate them. Look back and smile at your decisions. We learn any which way.


        2. Identify second-half objectives

Seek out all those objectives that you need to prioritize and achieve in order to reach your targets. Be flexible in your plans in view of the current times. Review your original plans, modify and decide how you want your year to pan out for you. Imagine the year end is already there. Make a list of all those things that you’d look back and feel happy to have accomplished. Out of these, choose the top 3 that actually have real meaning to your existence. And make sure you go about checking them off the list.


       3. Strategize & Prioritize

You will never be able to do all the things at any given point of time. Do what's important. Prioritize all those things that will help you go closer towards your future self. If it's not important, add it to your "Someday-List". Categorize your tasks into urgent & important, urgent but not important, important but not urgent & neither urgent nor important and filter those tasks that can wait.


         4. Find time for YOURSELF

Now is the time to focus also on your own well-being. Take time out and list all those things that bring you joy or you wish to learn or experience. It could be creating your morning routine, learning a new language, practicing yoga, joining a new dance class or simply spending time with your loved ones. Shortlist those which you immediately begin with and do not procrastinate in doing those things. Burn-outs are real and prolonged self-neglect leads to a deteriorating mental & physical health.


           5. Maintain a Journal

Keeping a daily journal or a diary helps you de-clutter your mind, find clarity in thoughts, experience reduced stress and find a renewed motivation to stay on track. It could be ruled, dated or just plain pages. Choose whatever works for you but get into the habit of writing, every single day. Even a few lines everyday will do wonders to your emotional well-being. Pen down your thoughts and feelings on paper.  It is the most cost-effective therapy towards your mental health.




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