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To the working fathers,
You have been taught that to nurture and to support your family is your sole purpose. While doing so, you forget to take care of someone very important : yourself. Take some time out to feel like yourself again. Go on a vacation with your family, plan a date with your spouse or just meet old friends! Recharge yourself. A happy you, and a happy family, is a happy home; otherwise it's just a house.
To the stay at home fathers,
You stay at home by your choice, and no one has the right to put you down for it. Be yourself. Role-reversal in the traditional concept of marriage is nothing to be ashamed about, nor is it anything that you need to be compelled to follow.
To the adoptive fathers,
What you teach your child is how he/she will grow up to be, the birth religion/caste does not matter, what you do however, matters. Raise a good person, that's what the world needs right now, and will need in the future.
To the transgender, queer, and homosexual fathers,
Your child will love you, no matter what your sexual orientation is. Don't let the society fool you into believing that your child will be embarrassed by you being yourself. Love is love.
To all the fathers,
Be there for your child, because sometimes that's all a kid needs. Be yourself, yet empathetic. Your child looks to you to learn things, simple or complicated! The relationship between a child with his parents is very important and it shapes the person as he/she grows up.
Happy Father's Day


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